Mothers Life Tea - Althea Hrdlichka
Mother’s Life Tea was built on the ideals that proper nutrition, before, during and after pregnancy should be one of the most important regimens of self care throughout a woman’s life. While traditionally a newly pregnant  mom-to-be is told to start taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, we believe that nutrition starts now. With a more potent delivery system than store bought vitamins and supplements, the organic herbs in Mother’s Life Tea provide nutrition that can only be found in their purest form. From teas made with herbs that increase a new mothers milk supply to delicious teas curated to support the female reproductive organs through  all stages and cycles of a woman’s life, our tea blends have been made to support the needs of womankind.


As the founder and owner of Mother’s Life Tea, Althea Hrdlichka has provided her herbal knowledge in every one of her blended teas. Althea is a Certified Professional Midwife serving Northern Colorado, a mother to three boys and a girl, and wife to very supportive husband. Althea’s career began as a certified birth and postpartum doula, doula trainer, and loose leaf tea guru.


Heavenly Graham leads our Business Development Department. She understands the importance of nurturing both the development and quality of our products. She posses a solid sense of business expertise and has a strong commitment to helping women through their natural life cycles.


In order to draw nutrients from herbs, you must steep our teas in boiling water (about 15 minutes) and then strain off the herbs. If you heat a cup of water, drop a tea bag in, and drink it in a few minutes, you are getting very few, if any nutrients out of the herbs in that tea. The steeping process extracts the nutrients from the herbs into your cup!

The combination of herbs work on your adrenal glands. Your pituitary gland controls your adrenal glands (which sit on you lower back and are often mistaken for lower back pain), and your adrenals control your fight or flight hormones. We as women are generally in constant “go” mode, especially if we have other children, or work long hours at a demanding job. Many times our bodies get stressed without even realizing it, and our adrenal glands get, what we call, worn out when we are doing too much and don’t have the correct nutrition the keep them going strong, especially leading up to the birth of our babies, and shorty after. MANY times, the milk supply issue actually stems from a stressful, unsafe birth where the mother did not have the right kind of support she needed. In turn, this also causes postpartum depression, which the herbs also help with significantly.